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Student Assistance Division

Title Name Photo Practice Tel ext
Director Chen, Shih-Ping Director Chen, Shih-Ping
  1. Supervision of the overall affairs of the division
  2. The tuitor of the Business management institute
Instructor Hu, Jin-Ni Instructor Hu, Jin-Ni
  1. Military Integrated Operations (Personnel, Logistics, Property)
  2. Moral Education Integrated Services
  3. Outstanding Student Representative Selection
  4. National Defense Military Training Course
  5. School rotation
  6. The tuitor of the design, humanities, application institute
    (Support dormitory girls life counseling)
  7. Other temporary assignments
  8. Off-campus housing integrated business (including rental website management)
Instructor Xie, Hong-Wei Instructor Xie, Hong-Wei
  1. National defense education military training courses
  2. The tutor of the Electrical Institute
  3. Visiting the college students living ouside the campus for house safty
  4. Oversea Chinese students Counseling and sickness insurance, health insurance business
  5. Student asistence division webpage maintenance
  6. Other temporary assignments
Instructor Jang, Min-Lang Instructor Jang, Min-Lang
  1. Traffic Safety Integrated Services
  2. Collecting Class meeting records
  3. Guidance for Student Safety
  4. Campus Safety Affairs
  5. Off-campus Student Housing Assistance
  6. The tutor of the Engineering institute
  7. The outsourcing clean-up operation administative processing of the Student Affairs Division
Assistant Shang, Chun-Chi Assistant Shang, Chun-Chi
  1. Dormitory Ⅱ Division Maintenance
  2. Resident Director of Student Dormitory
Assistant Wu, Mei-Hwei Assistant Wu, Mei-Hwei
  1. Student Dormitory Comprehensive Affairs
  2. Dormitory Ⅲ Division Maintenance
  3. Resident Director of Student Dormitory
  4. International Students Dormitory Affairs
Assistant Ju, Shu-Yuan Assistant Ju, Shu-Yuan
  1. Students Loan Services
  2. Students Archive, Students Honor and Disciplinary Affairs
  3. Students Comprehensive Affairs
Assistant Chu, Jui Assistant Chu, Jui
  1. Student Dormitory Allocation for Undergraduates and Postgraduates
Assistant Yin, Mu-Ze Assistant Yin, Mu-Ze
  1. Integrated Services for Students' Military Service (including relevant regulations and networks station information revision), the military recruitment, pre-selected test business
  2. Youth wartime service
  3. Other temporary assignments
Assistant Chang, Yin-Hson Assistant Chang, Yin-Hson
  1. Scholarships and Grants funded by school
  2. Scholarships and Grants funded by Government or Private Donations
  3. Solitia to students in Economic Crisis
  4. Campus Magazine Affairs
Assistant Wu, Wan-Chieh Assistant Wu, Wan-Chieh
  1. Student Cafeteria Comprehensive Affairs
  2. Activity Planning for Freshmen Welcome Ceremony and related Affairs
  3. Students Symposium Management

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