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Student Assistance Division

Title Name Photo Practice Tel ext
Staff Xu, Li-Xiang Staff Xu, Li-Xiang
  1. Coordination contact with each division
  2. Students Appeal Affairs
  3. E-based Webpage Maintenance
  4. The Dean's Schedule Management
Clerk Yang, Hsiu-chu Clerk Yang, Hsiu-chu
  1. Document System Management
  2. Offical Property Management
  3. Procurement and Accounting
  4. Management of Conference room
Clerk Zheng, Bi-zhu Clerk Zheng, Bi-zhu
  1. Document Delivery
  2. Lost and Found
  3. Management of Conference room
  4. Intergrated Services in Office of Student Affairs
Project Assistant Tsai, Yao-Hsien Project Assistant Tsai, Yao-Hsien
  1. Higher Education Sprout Project
  2. Other temporary assignments

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