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Other Hospital





National Taiwan University Hospital

No.7, Chung Shan S. Rd., Taipei 100, Taiwan


Tri-service General Hospital

NO.40 Sec.3, Tingjhou Rd.

,Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 114,Taiwan



24-hour Emergency Medical

consulting Special Line

NO.40 Sec.3, Tingjhou Rd.

,Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 114,Taiwan




Taipei Medical University

Municipal Wan Fang Hospital

NO.111,Section 3, Hsing-Long Rd,Taipei116,


Taipei Postal Hospital

No.14,Fu-Chuo St. Taipei,


Taipei city Hospital Branch

for Women and Children

No.17, Lane 10,No.12,.Fu-Chuo St. Taipei,


Chang-gung Memorial Hospital

No.199, Tunghwa Rd.,Taipei,


Taipei city Hospital -RenAi Branch

No.10 Sec.4,Renai Rd.,Taipei


Cathay General Hospital

No.280 Renai Rd.Sec.4, Taipei ,


Taipei medical university Hospital

No.250 Wu-Xin Street, TaipeiCity,


Cardinal Tien Hospital

No.362, Chung Cheng Rd.

, Hsintien Taipei County 23137 


Jing Mei Hospital

   No.280,sec.6,Roosevelt Rd.

,Da-ad District,Taipei city,



Daan District Health Center , Taipei City

No. 15, Sec.3, Xinhai Rd,Taipei


Daan District Office

8F.,No.8,sec.2,Xinsheng S.rd.,Daan District, Taipei


Chi-shin Health Examination center

5F,no.42,sec.3,Jianguo N.rd., Taipei


Gynecology Department

3F.,No.271,sec.3,Roosevelt Rd.

,Da-ad District,Taipei city, 



Gong guan medicine clinic

No.277,sec.3,Tingjhou Rd. Jhongjheng District,Taipei City 100,


Universal eye center

No.54-3,sec.3,Sinsheng S.Rd.,Da-ad District,Taipei City 106,


Chan Pak-ho ear nose and throat Department

No.10,sec.1,heping E.Rd.,Da-ad District,Taipei City106,


New York Dentist Department

2F,No.28,sec.1,Roosevelt Rd.

,Da-ad District,Taipei city, 



Huang Zhenxian Skin Department

No.77,Shihda Rdf,Da-ad District, Taipei City,