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To Make an Appointment You can make a counseling appointment through

1.     Online system for making appointments:

Please visit the website:


Please contact the following address:,

For English service:

3.Phone reservation:

Please contact 02 2737 6140.

For English service: 02 2737 6312.




The Counseling Division was funded in 1978, and offers a variety of mental health services including: individual

counseling, group counseling, couple and family therapy, consultation, referrals, psychiatric consultation, crisis help, and preventive mental health outreach

and education. In addition, books related to mental heath and gender issues are always welcome to be on loan. Legal services are also offered by appointment.

All services listed above are covered by the University and Government funding, users are not charged for any additional fee. However, please note, that

should a referral outside the Counseling Center be necessary, users are responsible for all expenses incurred.


Individual Counseling

Our Counseling Division offers counseling services to the community, such as students, staff, and faculty members. There are two full-time counselors and 7 part-time counselors available to offer services.  Please visit Counselors’ Profile for information about their areas of specialty and educational experience. The link for making appointments:

What can I talk about in counseling?

Students, faculty members and staff may come in for confidential individual counseling to talk about concerns related to personal growth, career and life planning, issues around academic studies, relationship difficulties, family conflicts, substance abuse, depression and anxiety and other mental health issues.  The duration of counseling is based on your needs and the counselor's judgment.


Groups and Workshops

We believe that meeting with others dealing with similar issues can promote growth and be beneficial. The Counseling Division offers student group counseling and workshops each semester, depending on their need. Students may contact the Counseling Division to inquire about the groups being offered for any given




Our counselors are available to consult with you about any situations of concern. Sometimes you may want to just speak with someone before determining

what you may need. Please feel free to consult with our counselors, either by phone, in person, or on line and we will be happy to help you think through

the situation.



Our counselors are always evaluating how a student is doing. Occasionally, a referral is necessary to other University services or to services within the community to best meet the needs of the student.


Legal Services

The Counseling Division provides legal services to help the community (faculty, staff, students) to deal with problems that are related to regulations and law.  An attorney at law is available for legal consultation at the division.

Note: Services provided is only for “consultation.”  If you need further services such as court appearance, additional fees will be charged Also, The service is only in Chinese.


Psychiatric and Medication Consultation

During the academic year, we offer psychiatric assessment and consultation to students with urgent and/or acute psychiatric needs. By appointment, a consulting

psychiatrist in the CounselingCenter can provide you a medication consultation. If you think you may benefit from medication consultation, please contact

the Counseling Division for an evaluation. A referral to a psychiatrist outside of the University may be necessary when ongoing treatment or follow-up is needed. Please go to our website to make appointments:

Class Intervation(Outreach and Education)

The Counseling Division provides prevention education and outreach to the entire University community on suicide, depression, anxiety, and other relevant

mental health, cultural diversity, and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans-gendered)topics. Inquiries about these services can be made directly to

the Counseling Division.

Other Information

Office hour: Monday to Friday, 9:030 AM - 12:00 PM, 13:30 PM – 17:30 PM, 18:00 PM – 21:00 PM

Online System for Making Appointments:

Phone: 27376140, 2737-6312(English services)

Fax: 2737-6138

e-mail:,, services)

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