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Reunion with Dr. Goodall at NTUST in 2012

In response to the ecological concerns raised by Dr. Jane Goodall, the United Nations Messenger of Peace,  a series of “Reunion with Dr. Goodall at NTUST in 2012” activities are held in our campus.The Office of Student Affairs have collaborated with students and students clubs putting on several exhibitions to promote "Roots and Shoots",a global program founded by Dr.Goodall ."Roots and Shoots" 's belief is to take physical actions to make the world a better environment for human and animals .Correspondingly, the Office of Student Affairs have also organized a sign-up activity appealing everyone to take stairs instead of elevator , use reusable drinking bottles and eat more fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, in response to the activities, some of the student clubs creatively reuse recycled materials to make handicrafts .

On November 9th ,2012,the day that Dr. Goodall revisits NTUST, several activities will be held.Upcoming activities comprise an unveiling ceremony of a piece of public art, tree-planting, a musical concert and speeches for participants who are interested to further understand her beliefs.  On that day, Dr. Goodall and professionals from different fields will be gathered together. NTUST truely anticipates that through the implementation of related activities ,we could make the world a better environment by starting here.

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