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【生活輔導組】學生宿舍管理辦法第25條及27條修訂公告 Revised article 25 and 27 of dormitory regulations.


Revised in the second meeting of Student Dormitory Management Committee in the 2017-18 academic year on August 30, 2017.


第二十五條 學期開始前辦理退宿者,全額退還住宿費;學期中退宿以週為單位退還費用;逾學期三分之二退宿及受勒令退宿處分者不予退費。

Article 25

Students who cancel their stay in the dorm when the semester has just begun will get a full refund. Those who cancel their stay in the middle of the semester will get a refund in weeks. However, students who are expelled from the dorm or cancel their stay after two third of the semester will not get a refund.


第二十七條 為維護宿舍安全與秩序,特訂定宿舍規範及採取違規記點制度;凡住宿期間有下列情形之一者,經宿舍輔導人員、自治幹部或住宿生檢舉經查屬實者,即依情節予以記點(觸犯校規之部份依「學生獎懲辦法」處理。),住宿規範及記點標準如下:

Article 27

The following rules and the penalties for violations are specially set up to maintain the order and security of the dormitories of NTUST. If boarders are proven to have violated the regulations by dorm counselors, officers of the Dorm Self-Government Association, or other boarders, they will be given penalty points according to the seriousness of the violation. (Violations of university regulations are subject to the Regulations Governing Rewards and Penalties for Students.) A list of dormitory rules and the penalties for violations can be found below:


1. Violations (1) to (8) will result in 20 penalty points and automatic expulsion from the dorm, and the loss of the right to apply to stay in a dorm until graduation:


(1) Stealing, gambling, fighting, smoking and any liquor-influenced behavior that affects other boarders.


(2) Transferring one’s dorm authorization to others. ( And also be recorded as a small violation)


(3) Occupying a bed without authorization, preventing a roommate from using an authorized bed.


(4) Non- boarders getting into the dorm without permission. ( And also be recorded as a small violation)


(5) Storing dangerous or inflammable goods, shooting off fireworks or setting any kind of fire.


(6) Altering the circuitry or accounting system of the room air conditioners to avoid being charged.


(7) Using electric heaters, electric dryers (those two should be authorized), electric hot-plates, refrigerators, those electrical appliances that might cause power overload or worry over the public safety, and using gas-fueled appliances.


(8) Cooking or heating in the places that are not allowed.


3. Violations (9) to (19) will result in 10 penalty points:


(9) Removing or damaging public property without authorization.


(10) Being absent from fire drills without giving a reason.


(11) Violating any relevant administrative regulations.


(12) Any illegal behavior using the dorm Internet connections or behavior in violation of TA Net regulations.


(13) Playing mahjong.


(14) Moving to a different bed without authorization.


(15) Lending the access card to others.


(16) Keeping pets in the dorm.


(17) Taking part in the commercial activities or any other religious behavior that disturb other boarders or litter the circumstances without permission.


(18) Any other behavior that adversely affects public hygiene, peace, or safety, if the boarder refuses to change the behavior after receiving a warning.


(19) Violating any regulations established by the Dorm Self-Government Association.