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【生活輔導組】108學年度宿舍逃生演練 Crisis Prevention Drill Day

一、 本學期宿舍逃生演練訂於10月24日(星期四)中午12時30
三、演練時各樓層配有救助袋之寢室同學 (二舍411室、501室、614室、712室、804室、906室、1010室、1109室、1207室、1305室、1308室、1417室;三舍501室、509室、608室、713室、810室、914室、1007室、1102室),請於12:30分別至二舍614及三舍501寢室點名並實際演練【參加救助袋體驗同學請穿長袖、長褲與穿襪子,並將上衣紮進褲子(避免因摩擦造成皮膚受傷】。
四、宿舍各寢室逃生路線圖請參閱配置圖,緊急通報時疏散至二舍前草坪各舍集合位置。當日若有上課等正當事由無法參加宿舍逃生演練者,請務必於10月7 -22日(二)前向學務處7號櫃台尚小姐完成報備,並於10月25日(星期五)12時25分前至學務處會議室報到補課。
※ 演練期間全程斷電,請注意關閉你的電腦!


學生事務處 敬啟

Crisis Prevention Drill Day
Time:12:30 PM, October 24, 2019
Attendant:All boarding students in Dorm # 2, 3
Important Notice:
1.All boarding students have to attend Fire prevention drill.
2.The Centre of Dormitory Management will announce the fire alarm through broadcasting and switch on the alarm bell. All boarding students should follow the student dormitory management coordinators’ instruction to evacuate and take attendance on the lawn in front the Dorm #2. Confirm that there are no students in the dormitories.
3.During the Fire prevention drill, students in room( Room 411, 501, 614, 712, 804, 906, 1010, 1109, 1207, 1305, 1308, 1417 of Dorm #2 and Room 501, 509, 608, 713, 810, 914, 1007, 1102 of Dorm #3) which equipped with evacuation facilities should do practical training in Dorm#2 Room 614 and Dorm#3 Room 501 . {The students who take part in the real evacuation drill, please wear long sleeves, trousers and socks, and tie the shirt or T-shirt into your pants (to avoid skin injuries due to friction) }.
4.Regarding the evacuation area, students could refer to the floor layout in each dormitory. Please be sure to go to the office of student affairs NO.7 counter personally from
10 /7 and before October 22th if you have any rightful reasons for being absent from the Fire prevention drill. Students who missed the drill must to attend the fire prevention drill lesson in the office of student affairs conference room on October 25rd at 12:30pm (lunch time).
5.The procedures of Fire prevention drill:
(1) 12:30 PM:The Centre of Dormitory Management will announce the fire alarm and switch off the power.
(2) 12:30-40 PM:All boarding students shall follow the student dormitory management coordinators’ instruction to evacuate on the lawn in front the Dorm #2. Elevator is NOT ALLOWED to use.
(3) 12:40-12:50 PM:Dormitory coordinators take attendance thoroughly.
(4) 12:50-13:10 PM Total Evaluation Time
(5) 13:10 PM:The end of Fire prevention drill.
※ For the duration of Fire prevention drill, the power, that in two dormitories will be cut-off. Please turn-off of your computer. Don't take the elevator downstairs.
※ Above-mentioned affair is an important event of dormitory. All boarding students who absent from such event without any rightful reason will result in 10 penalty points.

Student Affairs Office