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109 學年度第一學期學生第一宿舍短期床位錄取名單公告



※ 短期床位錄取名單詳見下方附件EXCEL檔(內含男、女工作表)

※ 如欲放棄住宿資格者,請洽學務處生輔組6號櫃檯蔡先生(#6134)




1. 住宿時間:

 109 學年度第一學期(即109年9月至110年1月;僅提供半年短期床位)

Period to Stay at Dorm I:

      The fall semester of the 109 school year (Sep 2020 to Jan 2021; only half a year)


2. 何時入住:

 目前第一宿舍尚未竣工,確切入住時間將於 8/28 () 公告於學務處網站/最新消息,請同學密切關注。


3. 繳費方式:

 住宿費用及相關費用(住宿保證金800元、網路使用費200元)將合併於 109 學年度第一學期註冊單中收取

The deposit: 800 NTD per person/ semester,

The Internet access charge: 200 NTD per person/ semester,


4. 房型價錢:


※ 其他費用:冷氣需額外購買儲值冷氣卡。

Room Type and Price:

      Six-people room at Dorm I (NTD 14,000 a semester; no in-room bathroom; public bathroom only)

The air-conditioning fee: purchase a stored-value air-conditioning card.


5. 本次釋出床位係 109 學年度第二學期春季班學生保留床位(本國碩二與外籍學生),若上述學生報到不如預期或是原訂 109 學年度第一學期入住學生報到不如預期時,將依本次抽籤順位優先遞補 109 學年度第二學期床位

    The vacancies currently available are reserved for students in the spring semester of the 109 school year (i.e., domestic graduate students in their second year and foreign students). If those students don’t matriculate as expected or those who are supposed to stay at dorm in the fall semester of the 109 school year don’t check in, their vacancies will be released for the spring semester of the 109 school year. The waiting list decided by lot-drawing this time sets the priority for who can get the vacancies.


6. 109 學年度第一學期短期遞補住宿同學若接續於第二學期申請獲得錄取遞補床位,寢室與床位可能會有異動情形,同學不得異議。

    If you are assigned a bed in the spring semester of the 109 school year, your room and bed may be different from what you get in the fall semester, and there is no room for negotiation.


7. 各項作業流程因故延宕時,將於學生事務處網頁/最新消息公告說明。

    If there is any delay in the application process, it will be announced in “What’s New” on the Office of Student Affairs website (Chinese Version).


8.如有任何問題請洽詢學生事務處 6 號櫃檯承辦人蔡耀賢先生

    If you have any questions, please find Mr. Tsai at the counter 6 at the Office of Student Affairs.電話:02-2737-6134